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Cant Reach Oculus Runtime Services

Level 3
so i boot up my pc, click on icon to open oculus home, and got the message, cant reach oculus run time services. i gave it 15 wm20iu2ro2r4.jpgmin or so reboot try again and nothing. i have never seen this before?
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Level 3
same problem ... greetings from Taiwan

Level 5
I have been trying to get my rift working today and I was searching for a fix for this same problem massage , until I found this post .....what happened ...??

Level 4
I was experimenting with a Dropbox-solution for my virtual reality files, and at this moment the software broke. I troubleshoot it for a couple of hours and thought I broke it before I found this thread. 

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I have to say, what a shower of sh1te Oculus software devs must be to allow this to happen AND to be silent on the matter. There's obviously not a single 'manger' from Oculus with the nownce or bollocks to at least put out a public-wide acknowledgement about this issue. If this can happen, imagine what else they cant be arsed with.

In California, the working day hasn't even started. How do you expect them to answer when they're not even working? Basically the company was closed when the problem occured, so as it was stated, let's be patient.
We are right to be pissed off by the problem, not by the fact that they didn't reply yet.

Level 3
Oh well... Back to Blizzard then!!

Level 2
Clock-fix worked for me. This is a stupid problem. I agree that this should have been taken care of before the certificate expired.

Level 2
Developer here - we are borked until this is fixed. GDC is coming up, and this is very poor timing for this to be going down. Hope it can be resolved soon.

Level 3
I think they're based in California, so it's barely 7.30am

Level 3
Of course you could Log a Support ticket about the issue, sometimes if the company is consisted of a realm of bad management the only thing they respond to is 'Numbers', so if enough of us log a ticket, something may be done.

Log a ticket here:

Lets see..

Level 7
For those of you who would like to know the time in CA.  it is 7:37 am so they are waking up to a nightmare.  Unless there like me and my day starts at 3:30 am Pac. Time.