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Cant login to oculus quest 2 with facebook: prompts for a 6 digit code which is never sent.

Level 3

The whole oculus/meta/facebook account login is a disaster, for me at least. I have spend weeks trying to login with my quest.

I also tried downloading the app on PC, with idea to connect. this forced me to merge my oculus account into my facebook account, then forced merging my facebook account into a meta account, so now I have no Idea what I should be using. This forum seems to require my original oculus account.

The crux is that when I try to login on the quest, it now asks for a 6 digit code. But it doesn't say how or where it was sent. It certainly has not been emailed to me, it's not appeared in facebook, nor messenger. I can't think of anywhere else it would have been sent.

The whole login and authentication system is so cumbersome, bug ridden and pointlessly over the top - I just want to play some games, but cant even do that since some weeks due to this broken code system.

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Adding this line to try to get it to post.


Level 3

I also tried entering my 2FA code where it prompts for one I was "sent". This causes the UI to hang on submission. Tried it 3 times, always same effect.

Level 2

Same here. I keep one number so this doesn't happen so whatever number they have was made by them & I wasn't informed. Also I downloaded the free Resident Evil 4 & linked my facebook account as well so sending me an email for a pass code shouldn't be a problem, you'd think

Hey Nutmix! We know how important it is to be able to get into your device without having to go through all these issues. We like for this process to be as easy as possible. This is something we are looking into but let's give you some tips to help you out:

  • The email for the pairing code would go to the email that you have associated with the account. It does sometimes get lost in spam and junk folders so be sure to check those. We know the spam or junk folder can sometimes not be accessible through your mobile so you could check on a computer too if you can't find these folders.
  • Also make sure your device and phone are connected to the same W-Fi.
  • We would also like to look into your account more that you are trying to sign into. So if you could send us a private message, that could help us get this moving in the right direction.

Hey Nutmix! Just wantiing to reach back out to you to see if you are still needing help with the pairing code? Let us know if the suggestions helped and if not go ahead and send us a private message so we can look more into this. You can send us a PM by doing the following:

Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here: Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

I tried the headset again today. This time it asked me to go through a new pairing routine which involved having to go to the meta website, and enter pairing codes, instead of asking for a 6 digit code. This seems to have worked. I haven't managed to actually play a game yet though.

Hey Nutmix, we're glad to hear your pairing code worked! Let us know if you're able to play games and use your device successfully. The option to send us a PM for additional support is always there, and we'd be more than glad to help you resolve any issues you may experience. Happy gaming!