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Cant sync the meeting in the calendar of horizon workrooms app to VR

Level 2

When i created a meeting in my workrooms and invited my friend by email address, my friend just see the meeting in calendar of Web app, but can't see it in the VR interface. So he can't join my meeting by VR. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there wind_quick, we know Workrooms is an amazing tool for setting up meetings and facilitating workflow, so we want to make sure you're getting clear directions for setting up the meetings. Use these tips for scheduling meetings in VR!


  • Please book meetings directly from Teamwork.
  • If you’re meeting in a Hub, you’ll need to manually create an invite on your calendar and make sure participants understand which Hub you’re meeting at. You can get a link for video call by going to the desired Hub on Teamwork, select “Join Meeting”, and copy the URL in a pop-up window.
  • If you have scheduled a meeting in a Hub, the meeting will be listed on your synced calendar. Otherwise use the same steps above to manually create an invite.
  • You only have access to Hubs that you are members of. Please create one joint Hub with your Workrooms team to allow scheduling of VR meetings. You can create as many other Hubs within your team as you like!

We hope this advice is helpful, and that you're successful in future scheduling!

Level 2
You can connect your Outlook or Google 2023 calendar to Workrooms to more easily manage your meetings. Bear in mind that you can disconnect your calendar from Workrooms at any time.
To connect or disconnect your calendar from Workrooms:
From the Workrooms web app, click  Calendar.
Click  in the top right, then click Connect Google Calendar or Connect Outlook Calendar, or click Disconnect Google Calendar or Disconnect Outlook Calendar.