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Casting from all accounts or multi-admin?


Bought this for my 3 kids. They want separate gamesaves, so 3 accounts needed.


Guess of they were disappointed when only one (the admin) account could share the screen. Extremely boring for the rest, and the "do together thing" lost.


So, how do I either cast from any account or create multiple admins?


Hard to understand why things are like this?



I literally just got off a chat with support about this and was coming here to air my grievance. So apparently the whole App sharing, and multiple accounts are not the same. In order for the App sharing to work each person needs their own headset! and once a device has been paired with the admin that's it no others can pair and/or cast from the other accounts. The advice I was given was to have everyone just play off the admin account. 😡 I think this is absolutely ridiculous, falsely (or sneaky) advertisement, and a major Money grab for something that is supposed to be a family friendly gaming system. Why bother with the multiple accounts if they are basically useless other than they know it was a draw to get families to purchase one for Christmas to be extremely disappointed and frustrated. They know **bleep** well it is not realistic to think the average family can afford multiple headsets, so they trick you into thinking that this is a multi-user unit. 😡

Good point with you having to be the admin and they have access to your FaceBook. Not cool and honestly not safe. We are getting ready to do the same but now I am wondering if this is our best option. This really has me frustrated to the point I almost just want to return the thing and not give them any more of my money. 

Just got an Oculus Quest 2 and this limitation totally baffled me. Glad I found this thread - hopefully this can be added soon!


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I may have misunderstood you here but you can have multiple sub accounts and app share on a single device. Which ever account has all the games should be setup as the admin account (first account registered after a factory reset). Once you have the admin account setup, you have to enable multiple users in the settings and then you can add up to 3 sub accounts on that head set. You also have to enable app sharing on the headset in settings as the admin account. Your sub accounts should now have access to all your apps. Note that sub accounts can't pair to their own phones and DLC content for apps does not share with sub accounts currently. Hope this helps!

@neo451 this isn't about app sharing, it's about the ability to cast to a phone or TV as a non-admin account. Right now only the admin account can cast.

@paraesthesia Sorry, my response was to annette as it looked like she was having trouble getting multiple accounts and app sharing to work on a single device. The reply thing doesn't seem to position the message below the person you are replying to so I can see how it would be confusing to read out of context. I fully agree with you that they need to fix casting for non-admin accounts!


For everyone on this thread that is annoyed by the lack of this feature as well, please help me upvote (kudos) it to help it get added. If it gets enough attention, it could help. 



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I've found that while only the admin account can cast to the oculus app e.g. on an IPHONE, the non admin accounts cans still cast to other devices in the house e.g. Chromecast on a TV, Air Receiver app on a PC etc. 

Care to explain how you are achieving something that everyone else in this thread cannot do?  I have 3 accounts on my Oculus. Only the admin account can cast to Chromecast, Android or iphone, etc. The other devices NEVER show the code to pair the device with a separate account.