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Challenge with Meta Support & Meta Quest 3 Order (+ Accessories)


Hi there! 

Big apologies for posting on here regarding this, but I don't know what else to do. I feel like a support case (#06897868) is going in circles for nearly two weeks, as I keep getting questions in the ticket that refer to things I have already answered previously. Especially then having to wait 24-48 hours for a response again. I hope someone is able to help me out and provide an answer for me please.

The basic problem is that on Tuesday 2nd April a Meta Quest 3 + Accessories was delivered by UPS to my front doorstep. I was meanwhile arriving by flight into Amsterdam. Incredibly excited to see it was delivered, but also nervous, because I couldn't understand why they would just drop it on my front door step - about two hours later I made it home. Only to find there was nothing on my doorstep and it was missing :(.

I was distraught...but still hopeful. I messaged our neighbor app group to ask if someone had seen a package on my doorstep and taken it in with them. Unfortunately in my small apartment building, no one had seen anything there and therefore no one had taken the package.

Still filled with a heavy case of jetlag I called UPS, asking them where it was and what I could do. They said it was delivered to the front door and assumed it was a safe place, so have it marked as delivered. To provide some context: My apartment is on the ground floor and next to a bike parking and the front door of our apartment building itself. Just opposite my door is in fact the elevator going up to the other neighbors. It indeed was not a safe place to leave the package. UPS didn't want to take any responsibility and said to contact Meta.  

I did three things - reached out to Meta, my credit card company and the police to report the incident. I got a report from the police, my credit card company advised me to contact Meta directly. So I started my communication. 

The main issues here:

  • UPS dropped a ~1000 EUR package on the front door step, without me authorizing to do and simply took a picture and said it was delivered.
  • I keep getting referred to respond for updates to case #06897868, but I have no email that specifies this case. And when I try get an update in chat, they say to respond to #06897868. There is no online interface to respond to case numbers right? So I suspect it all goes via email.
  • After several emails and chats - I did get an email from support, not specifically referring to the case, but then asking me to look at the shipper label of the box I received. And indeed this was super odd, because after all the explanations, google drive uploads of photos and the police report. I suddenly got an email that didn't make sense at all 😞 I received no box.

I just need help to give me a straight answer on what to do. If we can dispute this with UPS, if I need to go to my credit card company otherwise to file a dispute. 

And honestly... I just want my Meta Quest 3 😭 Yeah this experience has been insanely horrible. Even a bit traumatic that something can just be taken so easily. But I've been a long time user, since the Oculus Rift and purcahsed every single model except the pro. I just want to be able to jump into the Meta quest 3 and enjoy the experience.

Can someone maybe here from support aggregate everything? And help me sort this out please, please?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, najib! We hate to hear that your item is missing. This is definitely not the experience we want for our users, as we understand how excited you must have been to have this wonderful experience with the world of VR, and we know how this can disrupt that experience for you. We see you have an open support ticket. To avoid any miscommunications or delays, we advise you to continue this topic via email with the assigned agent, as they will better know how to proceed with this matter for you. If you come across any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us again, and we will be happy to help! 

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Thanks MetaQuestSupport, okay I'll try see how it goes with the email exchange. It is indeed quite a slow process, but hope something good comes out of it. 

Any time! The support team is currently receiving a high volume of requests, so that could be the reason it's been taking a little longer than expected, but your patience would really be appreciated. Remember, you can always reach out to us again if you come across any other questions!

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Hi Team,

I'm back - writing because I've had the craziest experience so far getting my Quest 3 headset.

I was about to make a huge social media post detailing my experiences, but it's gone beyond insane at this point. Just when I thought it was resolved, it goes back into insanity. I don't remember having these issues previously when ordering my Quest 1, Quest 2 and even the Rift's. It's affecting my brand loyalty though and perception too. In a big way actually - I used to be so positive about Meta Quest, but now I even warned someone who thought of buying it today about the issues I'm having. I don't mean to be this way because I've been otherwise such an advocate.

Basically the situation:

The first case (now resolved)

Just so you know the first case - I ordered in March 28th 2024. I order a bunch of accessories with my Quest 3.

UPS stated it was delivered supposedly to my front door, but simply wasn't there when I went to my door. Contacted UPS immediately - they said they couldn't help me. Contacted Meta, provided all information. Even went to get a police report in case. I went to my credit card in case too, because I wanted to be prepared if I had to do a dispute of any kind.

I nearly daily was messaging to at least get updates, because the case number was not showing that everyone was quoting and there was no way for me to ask updates on the case: #06897868. FINALLY after 2-3 weeks on April 25th I got a refund. This was a good conclusion. I went to order again, because it was the only place to get the Quest 3 and the accessories here.

Basically was thinking...this couldn't possibly happen twice as well...

By the way, as a separate note,  if the headset was stolen I REALLY want them to block the serial number, because the idea or thought that someone is using my stolen headset is so painful. So this is still an open point that would be wonderful to confirm.

But onto the situation now...

What is happening now

Made another order for the same items. And now so excited that it would work. The order was made also on April 25th 2024. 

But, something went wrong. Very wrong. 

I got confirmation for the order to be delivered Friday was UPS on April 26th. I used UPS MyChoice to say please reschedule delivery for Monday April 29th 2024. Seemed to be going well, at one point it said Monday delivery.

On Monday I took the morning off and was prepared, waiting at my front door. The tracking however wasn't updating. At mid-day I thought this was taking such a long time - I contacted UPS and they said the "shipper" had requested to have it sent back to the warehouse. I was astounded. At first I thought they said I had requested it, but no, they confirmed it was the shipper/Meta who had requested it.

I told Meta this in a chat, sending a screenshot from UPS and they said to call them. I called UPS and they confirmed the EXACT same thing again. It was Meta who wanted the product shipped back. For awhile I kept getting ping-pong'd back from Meta support to UPS support. I realized afterwards, this was a terrible experience. Why wasn't Meta contacting UPS, as this would have been fixed in an instant? 

In any case - Super strange, but every agent I spoke to...really 5 in total, because it kept changing every time I went back said that didn't make sense and it would arrive on the 30th April instead. When asked, how did they get the date of 30th April 2024, no agent could answer me. It wasn't on the tracking wasn't anywhere. I decided to take their word and take ANOTHER morning off work to make sure I was at the door. Just to be sure I was here to receive it.

Today again the tracking wasn't updating. Last update on 26th April 2024, last Friday. I was speaking to Meta support again and a different person who I had to explain everything again to, even though I gave the previous case number. They said the same thing - to contact UPS. I did again and UPS said the same thing, but this time they told me the name of the warehouse worker who took the package back on the 29th April 2024, alongside the address. I can send the screenshot of the chat if needed.

I went back to the Meta support and they would investigate again. Once again...what should be a simple operation for Meta to simply check with the warehouse about the package and resend the items has taken almost two days by now to resolve.

I have spent not just minutes, but hours now in total the last month with Meta support simply trying to get my headset from back in March....

One FULL month of trying to get my headset 😞 As a long time user now you can imagine the insanity I have been going through. 

Before I keep escalating this further and further. I realized I should send a message on here first. I implore you for help. I have no idea what is going on with UPS and the communication with Meta. I have no idea why the package was recalled, but I just want to play on my headset. That's ALL I want.

Can your team please help and push this to be checked out? And....finally end this nightmare.

As a sidenote: PLEASE get a better delivery partner than UPS. It will save you time and money in the end to have a partner that actually delivers the products.

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