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Change my birthday?

Level 2
Does anyone know of a way to change or remove the date of birth on my Oculus account?

Level 15
No, this value can't be modified, but it's not really used for anything and is only visible to yourself (not other users).
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Level 2
I only ask because it's put an unneccesary age restriction on the oculus store without means of removing it. :neutral:

Did you get this fixed and if yes how? I have the same Problem and even after setting up parent controls myself it deine work. It worked before, but i cant get and games right now

Hey guys!


We definitely understand the troubles when fat fingering some information. Heck, we even had someone enter the wrong DOB and it looked like we had a child helping us. SO let's get this all sorted out and have you guys up in running in the most awesome VR condition!


You guys will love to hear that you now have the cool ability to edit your DOB to the proper date, in your new Meta accounts. In order to access this the steps are as follows for PC:


  • Go the Meta account website: Here
  • Go to your Meta Account tab
  • From there you will have the option to edit your DOB to the correct date.


We hope this provided the helpful insight you guys were looking for and that you guys are able to get back in the best VR experiences. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us in any of our numerous Social Support channels or you could always create a Support Ticket!

Level 2

When putting in my real date of birth, it said " You aren't able to create an account based on the information that you provided." I would really like to know why it's doing this and how to fix it.


Hey, thank you for bringing this to our attention. You shouldn't be getting this error unless you are under the recommended age requirement. It's recommended that you be 13+ to create an account and use the headset.


You can use this link for more details about our age requirements. If you're 13+, you should not be receiving this error. We know this can be tedious and wanna make sure you're able to make these changes!


We recommend you to submit a support ticket with a screenshot of the error. We don't have the required tools to assist further here on the forum. Once of our specialists will be happy to go over some more troubleshooting steps with you.  

I can’t change my birthday even after submitting a ticket. Support says they can’t change birthdays on their end so now I’m stuck with the wrong birthday and can’t even purchase M rated games.

I cant change it because I accidentally put in an age under 18 and it is really really hard to find a facebook support page. 

I'm having this problem to I'm 21 I accidentally put i was 13😭