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Level 2

I just received my meta quest 2 , two days everythinq is fine except one thinqs, it run for about an hour after a full charge,  and then , i got 15% of the battery,  i thinks it is not normal, what can i do?


Level 15

@jodor.2022   Make sure you fully power down your Q2 after use.  If you leave it in sleep mode it will tend to discharge a bit. 


I find it best to charge it with the Q2 charger/cable until the green light comes on, then leave it charging for about an extra 1/2 hour.  Also, I avoid using the experimental 120Hz refresh option because it runs down the battery a lot faster and heats up the headset.


If you don't see at least 2 hours runtime after fully charging your Q2 then I might be a good idea to contact oculus support and start a ticket.

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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Heya! What @TomCgcmfc shared are definitely some great tips for charging and everything! And in regards to things draining the battery faster (such as the 120Hz refresh option), just know there are definitely some features that can drain your battery quicker (such as casting or using Air Link).


That being said, just like @TomCgcmfc said again, if you're still seeing really bad battery life, definitely reach out to support here:

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Thanks for your answer about charging the Oculus. I'm not having "problems" charging (working fine), but I'm wondering if it is good practice to keep it on the charger between play. I always power off after using it, but should I just plug it in again after each use, or wait for complete power drain before plugging in? Thanks.

Good question mate.  I've never seen a definitive answer from Oculus/Meta. 


I normally just charge my Q2 with an external 20000-30000mahr battery pack. The packs I use seem to have a smart function that makes it stop charging after my Q2 is fully charged.


I recently got a Meta Quest Pro.  It includes a new charging dock.  This all works great but I also wonder if it's ok to just leave my QP and controllers on the charging dock between use?

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro