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Charging with Amazon Basics 65W wall adapter does not work

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To improve the charging speed of my Meta Quest 3, I tried using the Amazon Basics 65W wall adapter.  The charging light goes on but turns off, and the unit refuses to charge.  The included wall adapter seems to work fine, but I understand it's charging slowly.

Can faster charging be obtained through the USBC port on Meta Quest 3, or can the higher (45W) charging speed only be obtained by using a dock?





Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @upper.pepper.2024! Welcome to the community! This is a great question to kick things off. 🙂

As far as I know, the Quest 3 negotiating PD-3.0 fixed with most chargers caps out at about 18W (9V @ 2-/+A). Using a high grade USB-C cable (such as an Anker one) paired with the Meta Quest Pro 45W Power Adapter, the Quest 3 will still charge at around 18W (9V @ 2-/+A). The higher wattage mainly serves as higher headroom, so that the charger isn't constantly overworking. It's also worth noting that the charge rate will also fluctuate depending on your battery level.

The charging dock isn't likely to change the charging rate of your Quest 3 specifically, though, there have been user reports of faster charges by about 30-/+ minutes. The main incentive of the charging dock is to:

  • Have a dedicated dock to leave your controllers and headset to charge
  • Wireless headset & controller charging
    • Includes 2x long lasting, rechargeable battery packs for the controllers.
  • Built-in overheating protection (some third-party docks don't do this)
  • Seamless integration with other Meta Quest accessories (some third-party docks don't do this, either)
    • Elite Strap, Elite Strap with Battery, Active Straps, Silicone Facial Interface, etc.

Hope this information helps!

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