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My child received a MetaQuest2 for Christmas, and I realized we had set him up as the “primary user” when I attempted to link his account to my parent account. He was listed as a “teen”, so I promptly updated his birthday to reflect his age (10 years old). Upon doing so, his account is now suspended. I attempted to link his account to mine again to no avail with the links provided on the account suspension page. The only other option is to upload an id to confirm his age which he clearly does not have. He’s devastated and I’m torn. He played one game, and has $100 in gift card credit on the account. I’ve attempted to contact support through chat, and a support ticket with no assistance. Can someone please help link his child account to my parent account so he can enjoy his Christmas present? I would greatly appreciate it. 


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey guys! It seems that you're having some trouble with the Parent-Managed accounts for your kids. I completely get wanting to be sure your kids' accounts are secure and easy for them to use, so I'd be happy to provide some insight on how to set up the accounts!

If you have already made accounts for your kids before the Parent-Managed accounts went live, you won't be able to change the birthdays for them. If you try to, the accounts will be flagged as being underage, and you will end up unintentionally violating the terms of service for the Meta Accounts.

In regard to creating the Parent Managed accounts: You should be able to create new accounts for your kids, so long as they are between the ages of 10-12. You should then be able to link their accounts to your own, so that you can monitor their activity for their accounts when they use the headset. If you're having trouble with the accounts, I recommend reaching out to the support teams so this can be looked into further. You can also send a private message to @MetaQuestSupport  so they can also help with this issue.

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Hey, @Jahfellow! I've been working with our engineering teams about this issue with child accounts, and they provided some steps that should be able to help with this issue. 

  1. If your Meta Account is linked to a Facebook or Instagram account, follow the ID verification instructions to re-enable your account. Then unlink your Meta Account from your Facebook or Instagram account before continuing with the steps below. If your Meta Account is not linked to a Facebook or Instagram account, disregard this step.
  2. You will need to work with two Meta Accounts. One account will be the Child Account (the account that received the account suspension notification email), and the other account will be the Parent or Guardian Meta Account.
  3. Go to ( and log in to the account you would like to transition to a Parent Managed Meta Account.
  4. Copy the above link and paste it into a new incognito or private window to log into the Parent or Guardian Meta Account.
  5. Follow the steps on screen by logging into or creating a parent account.
  6. Go back to the original browser window from step #2, refresh the page, and accept the new parent account as the supervisor.
  7. Click the link to accept the new parent.

If at any point during these steps you're still having trouble, I recommend sending a private message to @MetaQuestSupport so that this can be looked into further.

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I have sent two emails to Meta Support regarding this topic and unfortunately, I have not received a response. I just sent one more this morning, but I thought I'd try the forum, as well.

I’m emailing on behalf of my son. On Thursday, September 21st, I tried to convert my son’s account to a child’s account. I entered the date of birth to show that he is 10 years of age. Here is a link to the instructions that I followed:

Once I did this, his account was suspended and it seems that the only way to correct this is to upload an ID for him. He does not have an ID showing his name and age and I do not feel comfortable uploading documents for my child. When I go into his account, I see the option that says “If you’re 12 or under, ask a parent or guardian to help support your account.” If I click on the “I’m 12 or under” link, it directs me to this page: which then asks for an ID again.

Please help us to remove the suspension to his account. I’m not sure what else I can do at this point. He has not been able to play VR for a week now. He also has a $30 gift card loaded to his account which he has already spent around $20 for Gorilla Tag and he still has around $10 left over.

Thank you.

Hey there, @tyrant8499. Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. We know this is an exciting time for your son to join the VR world, so we'd love to take a further look into the account! To get started, we'd first like to confirm that you as a parent are able to sign into your Meta Account without an ID being requested. 

If there are no issues accessing your own account, let's continue this conversation privately in our PM's. This can be created by selecting our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Also, please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. 

We look forward to looking into this further! 

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I’m trying to get my son’s account reinstated.

I tried to convert his account to a child’s account to enable parental moderation from my account.  Unfortunately after changing his birth year to the correct year for his age, his account was suspended.
 I’ve tried messaging support about my son’s account being suspended and haven’t received a solution. Is there any way to unlock his account and remove the suspension so he can enjoy the games he’s purchased?

I did exactly the same thing.

I find it ridiculous that Meta can simply ban him from playing all the games we have purchased because his FB profile was set to under 13.

Hey @fallfrance we see your PM and will be continuing through there! 

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Did you get this resolved?

Meta was helpful in explaining that since the account was created before the minimum age dropped to 10, it violated their policy. I created a separate child account for my son and his original account will be deleted. Thankfully, we’re only losing his $30 gift card and a small amount of game progress.

Seems meta like making things complicated with no detailed support and paying a lot of money for goods which you have to spend too much time to get to work as they have no answers disappointing is an understatement Zuckerberg sort your **bleep** out


Hey @gangan69. I'm just checking in to see if you were still needing help with your Meta account. 

If so, I'd recommend reaching out to @MetaQuestSupport through PM since they might need some information regarding the account. 

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