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Child Meta account can't add Parent/Trusted Meta account as friends.

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Hi everyone! So I am making this thread to raise visibility for child Meta accounts not being able to add their parents or a trusted account as a friend and vice-versa.


If this situation does apply to you, please let me know of the following so I can get this info looked into.

  • Which headset version are you currently running? You can check this in Quick Settings > Settings > Software Update > under the Current Version Details section. The formatting should be 60.#.#.###.###.######### or 62.#.#.###.###.#########.
  • Are any of you currently enrolled in the PTC? If so, is it for the headset, PC app, or both?
  • Can you let me know the mobile app version, along with the OS for the phone?
  • Which headset are you using?
  • Has anyone been able to add their child/parent as a friend from some workaround?

Also, if you guys see any other threads with this problem as their main topic, please feel free to link them in the replies; I'll want to look over them if possible.

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Accepted Solutions

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone, I wanted to jump in here since I noticed it's been a bit of time. I reached out to our internal team for any updates to share, and it looks like this is a safety feature added for child accounts. With this being said, the best suggestion I can provide would be to post a new comment on this thread in our Ideas board I found. This will be where our engineers see user suggestions that they'd want to bring out in the future. The more engagement there is, the more likely they'll be to notice and add it.

Thanks again everyone! 

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I recently purchased a new Quest 3 and decided that since there are now child accounts available for 10years and up, I gave my quest 2 to my 10yo son.   He was so excited to be able to play games with his dad.   After a week of frustration I am coming here to ask...  How can my son and I play multiplayer games together.  There seems to be no way that I as a parent can follow my son, nor can he follow me.   Is there a way to play multiplayer games with someone specific without following each other?  If this is a limitation on child accounts to protect children,  then please explain how my child can join random multiplayer sessions and when he did, first thing that happened was a bunch of kids using foul language.   Please tell me there is a way that I can play games with my son.  He is so dissapointed, as am I.  It was bad enough when I found out that I could not stream what he sees to my phone so that I could help him navigate menus and settings when we first started out.  Trying to get him to explain what he was seeing then trying to explain where he needed to go, was super frustrating and he was not happy when we had to keep swapping the headset between us to set it up.

Hi @Fatony 

I think this would be solved by creating an additional account and using game sharing

Basically, on your headset go to accounts and create an additional account account. Once created tick the box that says app sharing.

Log onto this new account on your old headset and this will allow you to share your game library with your son

To find out more about app sharing head on over to Meta's website here 

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I have created an account for him,  and set up app sharing.  The problem is with the new Child accounts (for ages 10-12)  that were implemented this summer,  there is no way to follow a child account,  or have him follow me.  all social is turned off for Child accounts and is not allowed at this time per Meta.  App sharing only allows him to play apps that I have, not for us to see each other in a multiplayer game.  we already can play the same apps, however, for multiplayer games you must invite or join someone you are following in order to play together.  Therein lies the problem.  no following child accounts means no multiplayer.   unless there is something I am missing

Since I have recieved no further answer to my issues, let me be clear.  Game sharing is working fine with my son.  However, I have no way to play multiplayer games with him.  Yet he can join random multiplayer games.  Just last night there was someone dropping F' bombs on the game he was playing and I had to shut it down.  This is simply unnacceptable that parents cannot monitor who our children interact with online.  My son has cousins and friends that he could play with safely and Meta has given us no way to do that .  If he were allowed to follow people with parental approval (the same way app approval works for him) then the problem would be solved,  I would just make sure he stays out of public multiplayer.  Which I will have to do anyway.  I would love to hear an actual Meta dev's response to this issue, or at least have a way to reach out and see if there is something I am missing.


I added my child to my account, but can not add him as a friend, he can not add me ether.  Private profile is on by default, however I should still be able to find him, he is not discoverable. Tried removing his account from headset. Signed out of mobile app, still cant add him. 

Upon further search, it appears this is a policy matter. No social functions for kids under 12 at this time. So how can a parent and child play co-op, only if possible to find each other in game perhaps.


For now, children aged 10-12 (age may vary by region) will not be able to access certain social features.

At this time, children 10-12 will not be able to:

  • Follow people or accept follow requests
  • Use chats or calls
  • Invite other people to meet them inside of an app, or accept travel invitations to meet other people inside of an app
  • Access the People tab
  • View the Recently Met list or People You May Know

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I (Age 38) have recently purchased a Quest 3 and gave my Quest 2 to my little brother (10), my dad has a headset too and they live quite a distance from me. Acting as his Guardian, I created a child account on my headset for him so he can benefit from all the games I have too. 

They have now received the headset but unable to add me as a friend, or my dad as a friend so we can all meet up in VR. 

Is there as solution to this?

Unfortunately his social feature is not available for child accounts.

Look here 

But I also read as a parent account I can also approve friend and manage there social settings. Its mental that he can go speak with strangers but I can not authorise friends (including myself) so we can interact in VR

Were do you read this?

I only see something about approve apps.....maybe I overlook something?🤔

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