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Child account suspended

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I posted this as a reply to other post but that will get me nowhere so I decided to start a new topic.

I have set up an account for my 10 year old with me supervising his account. I was asked to provide bank details to confirm his age, small payment was deducted and than given back and all. Than few days later his account was suspended for no reason at all.

This time I was asked to type in his DOB to confirm his age... again. After providing DOB I got message that it doesn't match his records and too many times in last 12h... WHAT?

I contacted the support center to unblock son's account and I was asked to provide his ID!!!

He's 10 for God sake! Here in Ireland we don't have ID's even for adults and they want it from 10year old??? What sick joke is that! I'm absolutely disgusted now! He can't use his headset for days now and I see no help from support.

I was asked to submit his ID but 10 year old HAVE NO ID,  also there was no link provided to submit anything.

META! you have my full details and that should be all you need! Why you asking to provide sensitive personal data from a minor!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @gwynbleidd.2022! We can completely empathize with you and understand how frustrating this situation must feel. We know these processes can cause frustration, but we would love to assist in moving this forward. To further assist you, we need you to send us a private message. To do so, simply click on our name to access our profile page, or click on the provided link. Once there, select "Send a Message" to privately message us. Please note that you must be signed in to the community before sending a private message. We eagerly await your response.

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My son’s parent monitored account was suspended within minutes of sending in his ID as directed by chat support. That was 6 weeks ago and I have spent countless hours trying to get Meta to fix it. Meta finally just told me to stop contacting them and they will contact me when they are ready to fix it and there is no timeline when they will fix it. So my son has a $400 paper weight. I hope parents reading this stay away from Meta products. Had I know all the issues with the parent monitored accounts, I would have never bought a Meta product for him.

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