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Child account suspened

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Back in December (the 25th to be exact) my child's account was suspended. He had gotten a brand new meta quest 2 and logged in. He didn't even get to play on it. They wanted proof of his age. Fine, sent all the info in, the account remained suspended. I opened a ticket with Meta Store Support to try to get the account "fixed" as he was 12 at the time and it needed to be a parent managed account. Since then, I have dealt with no less than 25 different "specialists" who all send me the same NON working instructions. The links they send in the emails DO NOT WORK. I get an "invalid link" error, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So, I've tried, and I've tried, and tried again and again to follow the instructions. THEY DON'T WORK. At this point, I've decided Meta has just stolen hundreds of dollars and have no hope of getting any of it back. I've seen so many others having the same issue and it just astounds me that this level of absolutely HORRENDOUS customer service is deemed acceptable by a multi-million dollar company. 


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Community Manager

Hey @EraTheSilly! We see that you sent us a PM and we are happy to continue working with you through this issue over there.

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Thanks for posting this. my son's account has been suspended for 6 weeks and I have had the same experience. Meta even told me

to stop contacting them as there is no timeline as to when it will be fixed. Now I know it will be months. I hope parents read this and stay away from Meta products!!!!

The response from the Meta support here was to stop opening new tickets... Um, I haven't opened any new tickets, not a one... it's the same ticket I've been trying to get resolved for FIVE MONTHS. It's the absolute joke of "customer service" that keeps passing me from person to person who don't seem to know what they're doing that is the issue. 

Honestly, I gave up after SIX MONTHS. It basically became an almost full time job replying to the emails. After months and months of the same replies, completely disregarding that I had already sent the requested information NUMEROUS times to I don't even know how many different support people, And then them sending me back instructions that DON'T work, every single time.... same canned response of "follow these instructions".  I have accepted the fact that meta has just stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from it's customers with no remorse and no way forward for anyone. It's the same run around of broken links sent over and over and over with no resolution. So, there you go meta, way to go, you managed to make me give up after 6 MONTHS of trying to get it resolved. Hope that money you stole is paying for one of the customer service team members to do nothing to help. 

You're not working WITH me on anything..... if you were, then I wouldn't keep getting the same canned response over and over and over to try instructions that DON'T WORK BECAUSE THE LINKS ARE BROKEN. I've sent screenshot after screenshot, I've sent the requested information I don't know how many times to I don't know how many different people. You aren't working on a darn thing and you know it. You're giving people false hope and the run-around hoping after SIX MONTHS of trying to find a resolution they'll just give up. Well, you win @MetaQuestSupport, because I do give up. It's become almost a full time job sending you the things you've request numerous times a week, just to get the same crappy reply. At this point, I've accepted that you have just stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from us and have moved on. The kid now has a $700 brick. 

Hey @EraTheSilly, I came across this thread and wanted to jump in. I can only imagine how frustrating this has been for you and your child. I know how important it can be as a parent to make sure your kids are happy, and I bet he was really looking forward to playing around in VR.

I want to do everything in my power to help you out here, so I went ahead and checked with the support team to figure out more about what's going on. It looks like they actually were able to contact you through PMs, and they asked for you to continue with your support ticket since you'd be working with a specialist. Cases like these are extremely sensitive and Meta takes child safety very seriously, so they need to be sorted out following the proper processes with our specialists. 

I know that this can take longer than expected, but I would highly encourage you to keep working with the specialists on your support ticket. 

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