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Classroom set of Quest 2 - Need advice and/or sales rep

Level 2

I'm the STEM coordinator at a 6-12th grade independent school. I'm looking into purchasing a classroom set (15-30) of Quest 2 VR headsets. I would like to connect with other educators that have made similar purchases about their experiences. Additionally, I would love to get in touch with a sales rep from Meta about this type of large purchases. 


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you!


Level 3

I am going through the same thing.  How do we contact a sales or customer service rep?  I want to set up headsets to be used by multiple students.  I could use some guidance on the best way to do this.


Thank you

Level 2

I am looking to purchase Meta Quest sets for my school.  How do you handle security concerns so students can't chat or socialize with people through the headset?

Hey there, @smilee1079! At the moment we are in the works to create Quest for Business which would be optimal for Business and Educational purposes. You can stay updated through our Blog Updates and can also sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of our Business Page.

Thank you for this reply.  I just visited both of the links you provided.  Is there any approximate timeline for when Quest for Business will begin or what fees might be associated with it?  If we were to start with traditional usage, could we then switch to business?  Is there a support person we could speak with about our best options for safely using it with students now while we wait to transition?

We sadly don't have any more info we can share at this time. But we hope you'll keep a close eye out for more soon. Thanks!