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Complete loss of tracking but no errors

Level 8
Morning All,

So this has been only happening last week or two and can happen anywhere from in general Oculus home to onward, Pavlov, Bigscreen etc. can happen also after 2-3 mins of play and up to after an hour, very random.

I lose tracking for both hands and HMD but still retain rotational tracking only for both hands and HMD.  Taking off the HMD and shutting oculus down and restarting has no effect, restarting the service via OTT has no effect, only way to solve the issue once it appears is a full PC restart.

Running the Oculus recommended USB hub and the generic windows drivers, all hubs in device manager have the power management box unticked.

When this happens I get no errors from the system it keeps showing green on all the devices and sensors.

Not sure were the issue is atm ?


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Hey there, whenever you have a tracking issue, you should try and do the Sensor Configuration again ^^.