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Connects to phone, but no internet?

Level 2

Isn't my phone supposed to be the "wifi""? I don't understand what the point is to connect with my phone if it's only going to still require wifi for everything. I try to add an account and says I need wifi. I try to watch TV and it says I need wifi. What's the point? For the wifi option, it says "connected but no internet". My phone accesses youtube and everything else like "wifi" would so I'm at a loss. I've turned on tethering, bluetooth, and location and when it tries to pair with the code in 'about section' it just spins its wheels and says it can't find the device. I'm at a loss as to what's going on. I've heard it said by others and I'll repeat it. The headset is overly complicated for things that shouldn't be.


Level 3

So the problem lies in the range of your wifi. new internet router have a range of 2.4 - 5 Ghz.

your meta quest device runs on 2.4 GhZ but does connect to the 5GhZ range. but it wont run properly on 5 GhZ. and then gives the error "Connected, No internet.

the solution to this problem is the following:

Connect your phone to your wifi, and then go to your Router settings.

Once in your router page. "enter IP adress in the browser" go to wifi settings,

once in wifi settings go to "Make a extra wifi network"

once there you create a new wifi network, but make it so it only uses 2.4GhZ range and not the 5 GhZ.

create a new name for this network ( mine is the normal name with 2.4GhZ at the end.)

connect you phone and occulus to this network and they work fine again.

good luck

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Anistad. We can understand your frustration with this, since during the setup if you aren't connected to WiFi it could cause quite a bit of issues. We'd recommend reaching out to our support team at this link so that they can walk you through it and help resolve the issue you're facing. We'll be looking forward to hearing from you!