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Consistant stutter after a few minutes of PC linked (usb) play (Frame drop error messages)

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I've been at this for over 7 hours now trying to get this thing to work properly.


Everything worked fine around 3 or so days ago. Was chillin in VRC, doing some other game stuff, but around Saturday or so, the issues started to arise.

I started to get constant stuttering after around a few minutes of play, not just in a game itself, but chilling in the main menu for the pc app in the headset.


after looking into quite a few solutions I looked more into the debug menu and noticed many errors consisting of "Frame XXXX dropped due to encoder backup"

as I went through more methods to resolve this, Including

- updating graphics, and usb drivers

- reinstalling app

- using different cables and usb ports.

- doing the method of safe mode, uninstall, remove folders, restart, reinstall

- changing audio settings

- making sure everything is correct and running.


and NOTHING seems to be working out.


I was able to catch a full error message that popped up in the debug menu that i'll attach.


Can someone PLEASE help me here! My friend is coming back on Thursday, and I wanted to actually finally get to spend time with him after the holiday weeks. The sooner the better, PLEASE HELP!!


error 3.JPG


error 2.JPG



Honored Guest

Added note, I've had this quest for almost a year now, and never showed any of these problems, and the quest stand alone version works fine on games, and what not so it has to be some kind of error with the pc app itself or my computer.


Either way I want this done and resolved asap, so please, any tips or solutions would be appreciated.

Hey hey, @Gwuee! We wanted to pop by as we seen there are issues with your headset, having consistent stutter after a few minutes of being linked to your PC. We know how this can damper your VR experience, and knock you out of the game! Thank you for providing us with all the troubleshooting steps you have already preformed. Our next step will be for you to follow this link here, to our amazing support team! We have more tools available to us via the support site. 

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