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Consistent Blank Screen when trying to open Quest Link Wired Connection involving Steam VR


Can someone suggest a resolution for this issue. When attempting to play Steam Games via cabled connection with Rift Link I often get stuck in a loop. Either I can hear the Quest Link faint background organ music that denotes the Quest Link has loaded but I have a blank screen or it loads but the loading circle appears on the Steam VR option in the default menu I think it might be a resolution conflict issue between the Steam VR settings and the Meta settings. I think there needs to be some comms between the two companies to fix this. The quality of experience with the cable is far better imo than without it. I can't see why they can't resolve this and make it reliable. The software is there, it's just poorly integrated. Steam say it's out of their hands, Meta direct me to contact Steam. There's clearly some major issue there. It should be really simple. It's not. Any help appreciated. Ultimately we shouldn't be left in the position where the software is so poor that we have to reboot the PC every time we connect the device. That is one of the options. Granted it's an M.2 and it doesn't take long but I think some better resolution by the two companies might resolve this more effectively.  And then, when you restart your PC and load up you realise that your boundary isn't correct because you had to sit at your keyboard to troubleshoot. So... you have to exit out of your Steam Game, Exit Steam VR in Quest Link Mode, Exit from Quest Link and redraw your boundary...  then when you reload Quest Link again, Steam VR won't load and you're back to square 1. What a bloody farce! Honestly... it's a joke.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @CaptainLump1 we would love to help you out with the consistent black screen you are getting. We understand that this is not ideal and we want to work together in order to fix this as soon as possible. Can you please attempt the following steps and see if these steps will help you out. 


Go to Windows Settings -> Display -> Graphics Settings (way at the bottom)
Under "Graphics performance preference" -> "Choose an app to set preference" -" "Desktop app". Click "Browse" and select:

C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\OVRServer_x64.exe

Click "Add".
Select "Options" and set it to "Power saving", and click save.

Restart the Oculus software and Virtual Desktop now works properly. 


We hope this helps and we are excited to hear from you soon!

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I think you need to update this for Windows 11.


I already had OVR Server_64 added to the list but I had it set at High Performance because nobody said otherwise... I imagine this small alteration will do very little. I think the problem clearly lies with the driver integration with Steam VR, but nobody has bothered to resolve it. Are you aware that the Stear VR software still reads the Quest 3 as a Quest 2? Nobody done any testing at your end on that? Were you aware that after every instance of gameplay you have to restart the PC to be able to reconnect to Steam VR via Quest Link? Nobody done any testing on that? I will try this latest minor alteration. Again... unpaid,  


Sorry for my attitude but I've had 3 weeks of this now. It's getting very annoying. 

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