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Constant double screens showing

Honored Guest

Hi all,

Just joined so hello everyone.

Got my new quest 2 a few days ago and not enjoying it at all so hoping some experienced people may be able to advise.

Main issue I have is when trying to watch any type of video all I can see are two screens. If I change settings (2d / 3d / non VR / 180 VR / 360 VR) it’s all over the place. the best so far is on one setting (can’t remember which) I can see slightly better but have to turn my head all the way left or right as it’s still 2 screens.
I’ve had my eyes checked for pupil distance which is 64.3 and fits in second setting however also moved lenses to 1 & 3 with no success.
I’ve also tried headset without glasses insert, with glasses insert and even removed the complete insert. Also tried moving eyes further away.
I’m wondering if there’s something really obvious I’m missing or if I have just bought a duff unit. Bought brand new from Amazon.
Headsets been fully charged.
I noticed in a forum someone said press the depressed button on left controller and in menu ensure VR is set to on but this button doesn’t do anything and I can’t find anything relative in the main settings menu.
I’d be grateful for any advice before I return it.
Thank you in advance.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @GSBandit! We couldn't help but notice that you are reaching out because you are experiencing some display issues with your headset. We certainly understand how disappointing something like that can be and how it can really affect your overall experience, so we'd like to help you get this issue sorted out as quickly as possible! Just to gain a little clarity on our end, we'd like to ask you a few questions:

We look forward to hearing back from you and continuing to work together in order to get this issue resolved! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Heyyy @GSBandit! We just wanted to follow-up with you to see if you were still needing assistance with the display issues that you were having. Feel free to reach back out to us if you happen to have any further questions or concerns as we are always happy to help! 

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I have the same problem. It is when I am watching VR video on websites.

Hey @Golferjoe


We want you to get the most out of your headset, especially when you just want to enjoy some videos. Could you tell us if you are using a PC with your headset, or are you using it in standalone mode? We look forward to your reply and getting this resolved for you asap. 

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