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'Continue in Your Browser' - App login

Level 2
I am trying to log in to the Oculus App on my PC, I have plugged in my headset, I clicked  'Continue with Facebook', then the next screen tells me to:
 'Continue in Your Browser.  To confirm your Facebook login, please switch to your default web browser now.  The confirmation process may take a few seconds to complete'.
I have opened every web browser on my computer, logged into my facebook account on each browser, turned firewalls off, and nothing happens / no confirmation occurs.  And the 'Help Centre' button at the bottom of the screen doesn't link to anything either.

Any idea what I should try next?

Level 2

I turn off the firewall , and switch to incognito mode, also I sign on the google sync which i have not done, and it worked!!! 

Level 2

I wish I could Meta is $%&t on the form. Why does everything need to be so difficult?

Level 2

Nothing works for me i honestly tried every single solution and nothing worked.

Try to install the Oculus/Meta app on your phone, now try to log in and see if that does not open a browser on your phone.

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