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Controller not pairing and dying immediatly

Level 2

Brand new quest, controller was only about a month old and it stopped holding a charge. After putting a brand new battery in, it would vibrate then shut off immediately. I assumed my son banged it on a counter or something, so I buy a new one. He's had this new controller for about 2 weeks, and now the same exact thing is happening. He has taken care of this one, so I know it's not from mistreating it. Also, statistically, it's highly unlikely that this happened twice, both times to the left controller, and both controllers being new. When replacing battery while looking through headset, you feel controller vibrate, then headset says, please replace battery. A couple times, the controller stayed on, but the headset wouldn't recognize where it was. Though I noticed it was recognizing a couple buttons while he was in the gorilla tag game(pressing 2 of the buttons made the fingers move on the gorilla). I'm guessing this has to be somehow related to the headset. Someone smarter than me, please take the wheel! Thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey BECKHAMJR315! We see that you are having issues with your controller not able to stay powered on. We definitely understand the importance of getting this looked into as soon as possible and so we would like to get you over to our support team. Just go here and create a ticket and you will be connected with one of our specialists who will be able to assist you further and go over all your options. Our support team is waiting to hear from you.