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Controller pairing

Level 3

I bought a new headset because I broke my quest 2. I'm trying to use my old quest 2 controllers for my new quest and I can't figure out how to get past the first screen where he's pulling the stickers out of the batteries. I can't connect to wifi, turn on handtracking or do anything. How do I pair my old controllers to my new device? It's like saying you can't use one xbox controller on multiple consoles. What can I do here?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Alegotron!


We truly hate to hear your having some paring troubles. Especially when we need you in peak gaming condition! Let's get down to business and get you back in that peak condition ASAP!


Since you have been in touch with some our wonderful support people, would you mind telling us all the troubleshooting steps and methods you have applied? This to makes sure we don't find ourselves repeating any steps and can provide you with any other steps you may need.


We look forward to hearing back from you!

I'm at a loss here. How can you pair new controllers to a factory resetted headset if they need to be paired to get past initial setup?? Because without paired controllers, I can't connect to wifi, can't connect to my phone, and the only way to pair a new controller is through the app after connecting it but I can't do anything because it won't pair to my controllers or phone at all

Hey again Alegotron!


We appreciate you reaching back out! Moving forward for this next step we'll have you perform another factory reset. We have had other members state that this has helped them in their journey to getting properly set up. However if this doesn't work out, we'll have you reach out to our awesome support staff here:, for the following steps. No matter what, Meta Support of any kind will make sure you are well taken care of!


But please do reach back out to us and let us know the results after performing the second factory reset.

By design of this product I'm completely locked out. Here are the bottlenecks.

1. The controllers are not natively synced to this headset

2. The headset is not up to date

3. I cannot connect to the internet to update the headset because the controllers are not paired.

4. I cannot connect the headset to my phone, because I cannot update the headset, because I cannot pair the controllers, and I can not connect to the internet.

5. I am stuck at initial setup because the only way to pair new controllers is by phone and I cant connect to my phone because it's out of date and I can't access the features at all without a phone.

This means, without some kind of workaround, a device that has been factory resetted before a pair of controllers is connected to it is pretty much bricked, because of reasons 1-5.. This is a critical design error. Many people are having this issue, what do I do?

Level 2



Hey there! Did you try all steps that @MetaQuestSupport listed above? If so, your best bet to get your controller working again is reaching out to them by PM here or via email and chat HERE.

Now you're playing with power...SUPER power!