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Controller returned but replacement on hold for specialized review

Level 2

A few weeks of using my Oculus Quest 2, the right controller started having a mind of it's own.  I did the steps that I was told by support chat.  They identified that my controller needed to be replaced and sent me a RMA number and shipping label.  I received notice that they had received my controller and I would be contacted in 2-3 business days.  It has been 2 weeks now and I haven't received any notification.


I speak with support chat regularly now and they can only tell me that it is on hold in the specialized support.  The controller was received in the warehouse but they have no further information from the warehouse.  I get the canned responses from support saying that there is no way for me to talk to the next level of support nor anyone over the phone.  "Their system just can't do that."


I was originally told to send in my non-functioning controller and I would be sent a replacement.  Sounds like a pretty straight forward process.


Can someone please help with this?



Level 2

You won’t get a replacement. I am in the same boat. Should’ve got a steam deck. Now I know to never do business with this company again. I wish I could report this to a government agency because it feels like fraud/theft.