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Controllers not connecting with meta quest 2 headset

Level 2

My controllers are not pairing, I’ve tried all the steps and still not connecting. Please help


Level 2

If you fill out a ticket they will send you new controllers

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @renehdz76! We can definitely understand that this would be a huge issue, keeping you out of VR when you'd like to play. We'd be glad to help out however we can! If you've already tried the steps on our public article about this issue, then we'd recommend reaching out to our support team at this link. Our support team will make sure the issue is taken care of and get you back into VR!

Good morning, thank you for your response. I did follow the steps as indicated, the controllers are now pairing, but they are not working still. I’m at the iniation screen. Please help, my sons are wanting to play on their VR.

Hey there, @renehdz76! We completely understand how this is affecting your VR experience, and we'd like for you to contact our fantastic support team right away to get this handled. If you haven't already, we'll leave our support link here if you prefer a live chat or if you would like to schedule a callback!

Let us know how it goes!