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Controllers not pairing, black screen , dash not loading

Level 2

Im having an issue where the rift s sensors work everything works up untill the controller pairing. I pair controllers and still they do not show up in the software. nor can i run the setup for guardian as I get a blank screen with the 3 dots.  i can sometimes hear the dash music but nothing else happens. Ive run through and updated everything, win 10,  Nvidea drivers for my gtx 1080   aswell as all usb 3 ports.   nothing works.  Ive had my oculus rift s for 6 months and all has been great untill the most recent update.  What am i doing wrong?  what can solve this.  is it the cable? if so there are none in stock at oculus nor on   Im at a loss. this cost me alot of money which i cannot easily go buy a new one. this one is allready new and has been working perfectly up till now. please help Ive done everything that the support pages has told me to do at least 20 times in a row. uninstalling  , installing, repairing.  everything.  Controllers still wont show  after pairing and  black screen .