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Level 2

When I was play with my oclus the controllers just stopped working and now both of them don't work 


Retired Support

Hey @chikenhawk. What type of issue are you experiencing?   

Is it power related?

  • Any there any lights visible
  • Have you tried replacing the batteries or leaving the batteries out for an extended time

Is it connection related?

  • Are the controllers having trouble pairing
  • Have you tried resetting the headset and unpairing/repairing the controllers

Please give us a little more information to go on so we can try and help troubleshoot whatever issue you're experiencing.  Here is the Help Center where you can search for some possible solutions.

And as always, you can Open a Ticket with Support, or Send a Message to support through their profile page.


We're looking forward to hearing back from you!


Have you tried turning it off and on again?