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I purchased the oculus for my son for Christmas and the right control has stopped working, I have looked at these forums and google and tried all recommended fixes with no avail. I have also been checking with the oculus store for replacement that is never available. It's been 2 months now and I'm starting to think I just bought a $300 paperweight. I mean at this point it's such a waste of money since he can't play and had only about 3 months of play time. Any other suggestions or an idea of when controls will be available?? I have also looked at other sites for controls and the prices they want I may as well buy a  new system. Which I'm not going to do $$$... super annoyed, wonder where these guys are on the lawsuit filed against them. 


If the controller failed without being damaged (and it doens't just need to be paired again), won't it be covered by warranty? Have you logged a support ticket? It'll be slow and frustrating but it's probably your only chance to get a new controller without hitting ebay.

A word of advice though - if you are successful and asked to send the controller back you will probably be told, first of all, to send everything back in the original box. Don't do that. There's every chance you'll get another message a day or two later telling you to just send the controller back. That's what you should do. If you send everything back, the "warehouse" will "lose" items. They have a very long history of that.

Thank you for replying to this message. I was unsure of where and how warranties were covered. I know my message was a bit jerk-like  and I appreciate you responding kindly and will take your advice.

Thank you

Is the controller definitely dead? I recently repatriated my spare 64Gb headset from my son and found the right controller unresponsive. However, I was able to pair it to the headset again using the mobile app, even though I factory reset and got stuck at the first stage. If you hold down the B and oculus buttons for a few seconds, does the controller buzz and flash a light?