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Could somebody help me out to find the soution to get my oculus rift s to stop crashing?

Level 2
So ive had an oculus rift s for about a year now and nothing has never happend to it, it worked perfectly fine untill one day, my Rift s would after 5 minutes just turn off and there was a beep and then static noice. after that it reboots and if i play something on steamVR, it says that the display lost its connection. ive had this problem for about a month now and ive tried searching up the problem but nothing worked. please help

Level 2
I've been having the exact same problems the last couple of days now. i got my rift s about 3 days ago and booted it up and everything seemed fine i tried to play rec room and other games on the oculus site. but when i tried to launch both superhot and beatsaber(from steam) it just would not work the way it was supposed to. and the exact same this you are explaining the thing abt the crashing and stuff happens to me too

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hello @Lukas55gamer and @Bumbelbeast - If you haven't already, please create a support ticket with us here. Thanks! - Clint

Level 2

Did either of you ever come to a solution to your problems?