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Crashing consistently for the past four weeks

Honored Guest

Hey there

my husband and I play Golf+ every Sunday for the past couple of years with my sister. My sister uses a Quest2 and my husband and I each use a Quest3. (Sis is in SoCal and we are in NorCal.)

recently we’ve been having crashes during our game where one or both of us get temporarily booted from the game and then come back. At first I thought this was a Golf+ issue, but it’s been happening in our quest homes as well. The screen will freeze with a black bar surrounding us with a line of what appears to electronic snow — very disorienting. The audio will go out. I’d take a video or screenshot of it but that doesn’t work in this situation. This happens individually to us (one person will drop out, then another, and then come back, and then another will drop out again. Since we are in different locations I don’t think WiFi is the issue.)

we are updated re: software so this is very weird and makes our headsets unusable. I sent a bug report via the headset but I’m not sure where that goes or how meta will reply.

help us please! We really like quest times on Sundays and it’s annoying that such an expensive bit of kit is quickly becoming a brick in our respective houses.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @yikesahootie! We understand how important it is to have properly working devices for Sunday Golf+ with the family! We'd be more than happy to look into this issue with you and get you all back to gaming soon! Have either of you tried a factory reset to resolve the issue? If not, here are the steps. Once you've given that a try, reach back out to let us know if it worked for you! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi again @yikesahootie, still need any help?

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