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Customer Service Nightmare

Level 2

Hopefully this message will help someone else.

My Oculus headset stopped working on 09/23. I was told that it would be covered under warranty. They said that once they received my headset I would receive a replacement within 3-5 days.


I waited for one week after they had received my headset and contacted customer service inquiring as to when I could expect my replacement to ship my way. I was told there was a delay and they didn't know.

I have contacted customer support numerous times since then just asking for an update and the most I am told is that their logistics team is looking into it. I also get some form of a sympathy line stating they know it must be frustrating.


I am an incredibly patient person. I try my best to give people and companies the benefit of the doubt, but at this point META has had my headset for nearing up on a month with no timeline as to when I can expect a replacement.


At this point it truly feels like META is stealing from me. I've been incredibly reasonable and asked for alternative options, to which they do not respond. 


Also I submitted a request to be called through the forums. I got no call until an hour and 40 minutes past the time they said they would call. This call woke me up as I had gone to bed since it had been so long.


Last thing I will say is I have also asked for a manager to contact me multiple times and have never even gotten that from them. I've worked in call center based customer service for most of my adult life and my goodness this is the worst experience I've ever had if I'm being 100% honest.


If you're reading this and on the fence about buying this product I would highly recommend to avoid doing so. It was a fantastic device for the months it worked, but now I'm fairly confident I won't ever get a replacement.


TL:DR : META said my headset is covered under warranty. Now they've kept it for a month and won't give me an update.



Level 2

I forgot to mention that if you head over to the Better Business Bureau site for Meta Technology they are rated an F. I didn't know that was possible if I'm being honest. I should have done more research before purchasing this item originally as I would never work with a company with that poor customer service.

Level 6

How long ago did you purchase it? If you bought it recently, if you bought it somewhere other than Oculus directly (Amazon, BestBuy, etc.) then maybe shoot them a message and maybe they can offer some assistance.


If they refuse to replace it, then you could also contact your Bank and ask for help. More then likely if you start a chargeback, Oculus will try to bribe you into cancelling it with a new headset, or they'll ban your account. Talk to your bank about the best way to handle it.


I'm guessing you're in the US, if you are you could consider filing a small claims case in the court system. Obviously contact a lawyer before doing that, but it is an option if you want that few hundred dollars back. I have a feeling once Oculus sees a formal note from the US Court System, they'll suddenly be very keen on getting you a replacement.


Good luck!

Level 3

Looks like we’re all dealing with the same BS from this company! My experience is IDENTICAL!!! I was reading your post just now and it felt though I was writing it! The ONLY difference in our experience is that I sent in a defective controller!