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DK2 weirdness

Level 2
Ok, I know this is going to get shot down with the official Oculus line that the DK2 is unsupported and you should give up and throw money at them for something newer.
I've got this DK2.
I've managed to install the latest Rift software with an awful lot of bodging as apparently dynamic drives and even basic drives when they're an SSD aren't a thing. (WTAF?)
Oculus Home detects the DK2 and moans about it. Then says my sensor is only in a USB 2 socket (it's in a USB 3)
But... now I can't progress unless I've got controllers, an XBox 360 controller (with dongle) or... An Oculus Remote.
So... I have a CV1 remote which apparently won't work 'cause the CV1 has the hardware that connects to it.
But... and this is where it gets odd... I put the remote into pair mode (slow flashing light), press pair in the software and the remote's light goes mental and I get a sequence of 'dunk... de-dunk' device detection/un-detection noises, but no actual connection.
Anyone actually know what's going on here?


Level 9
 I don't think there is anything you can do to play Oculus games that require motion controllers. You may have luck with games that support Xbox wireless controllers. 
 When I had my DK2 running, I used Steam VR and Razor Hydra controllers. In any case I don't think you will have much luck or satisfaction without some kind of investment. 
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Level 2
I've had it running fine with Steam VR and a generic Chinese PS2 controller using the runtime.
Just wanted to use a more up to date runtime so VR support worked better in browsers.
The CV1 remote seemed like a simple way to complete the setup with the current runtime it's just odd that from what I've read it needs hardware in the CV1 headset to work, but seems to respond when pairing with a DK2 connected.

Level 3

Hello, first I am very happy that are still active DK2 users.

I had success using a generic clone PS3 controller and a SW that creates a virtual XBOX controller.

But I use the DK2 only for Sim Racing, especially iRacing, so the controller is for only switching from the game to the Virtual Desktop.

Unfortunately in the last week I started to have random black screens during playing which is totally annoying as I can't figure out what the cause is ...