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DLNA only listing 200 files

Level 6

I have Kodi v19.4(19.4.0) installed on my Windows 10 desktop PC. DLNA/UPnP service is enabled.


I set several folders as sources but not scanned to the library as I don't want the files listed in the library.


When I use a video player app on my Quest 2 such as Skybox, Pigasus or DEOVr the find the Kodi server on my PC. When I navigate to one of the attached folders the app only shows 200 files even though there are many more than 200.


If I use SMB rather than UPnP all the files will be listed.


This appears to be a Quest 2 thing as I loaded VLC on my Android phone and connected via DLNA/UPnP and all the files get listed.


I prefer using SMB but DEOVr at the moment only supports DLNA/UPnP and DEOVr has the interface I find is useful for navigating through large numbers of files.


Any way to get around this 200 file limitation other than using SMB?