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Dealing with photos and file syncing is TERRIBLE

Level 2

Oculus Quest 2 - trying to handle photos/videos and exporting them is unbearable. The only "batch command" to sync files to the mobile app is to sync everything. When you do this the files sync completely out of order.

There is no way to select multiple images and sync them at once. You literally have to do it one by one if you don't want to use the terrible "sync all" option.

If you accidentally sync a photo/video to your mobile app then delete it on the oculus without unsyncing it first - guess what, it's stuck on your mobile app forever with no option to delete it! Brilliant

Also up until now all images exported at 1440x1440 resolution. Today they suddenly switch to 1024x1024. Thanks for consistency, doing wonders for my workflow and image qualities.

I know my use case might not be common, but the functionality of the files app and syncing/exporting images and videos to the mobile app contains NO COMMON SENSE. The worst, least intuitive, non-functional design. Do better


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there, I completely understand your concern regarding this. If you want to make your voice heard, the best place to do so is over on the Ideas side of the forums. There you can share your feedback on current features as well as features you would like to see!

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