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Defective Oculus Quest 2

Level 2

I ordered an Oculus Quest 2 for my family. It arrived punctually before Christmas. 

Upon opening the package, we charged it up and then attempted to use the device.


Went through the startup process, but when it came to entering the four digit code that was supposed to come up on the VR screen - no luck. Nothing but the Oculus logo boot up screen. 

Went through this multiple times with the same result. Checked forums, recharged device (fully), restarted, and finally did a factory reeet - all to no avail. 

Contacted support chat and was almost immediately told I had a defective device that would need to be replaced. 


Received an email requesting a bit of information (all of which they had, as I ordered the Quest 2 directly from oculus), sent it along Dec 25, 2021, and the proceeded to hear nothing from them for the next 5 days. 

I just spent another hour on chat, and have been given virtually no information as to how to proceed. They wouldn’t even confirm that the product would be replaced. 

All they would say is that I would be sent an email at some point (would not give me any idea as to how long this would take). 

Am I being unreasonable here?  I paid for a product, received something defective and now I feel like I’m having to fight to get what I paid for. 

I mean, how long can it take to send out a shipping label and get a replacement in the mail? 


As it is, it feels like oculus is trying to delay this as long as possible. 


I would really appreciate some straight answers (something I have yet to experience)


Level 5

Oculus sent me a RMA 2 months ago, they confirmed they have my headset, but have still not repaired or replaced it yet. Just get the excuse of "We are doing our best to resolve it and ship your replacement". 

Yes.. 2 months... 


I'd return it to the retailer you received it from and avoid the Oculus RMA process. 

EDIT - Just seen bought direct from Oculus. 

Just keep all your communications, if they are refusing or not issuing a RMA, just go via your payment card and do a chargeback process. 


They are genuinely the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. Can't solve a very simple problem of shipping a headset to me even though they managed to ship 7 million units over the holiday season apparently?


My ticket number for reference for my RMA is 3575945