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Delayed Shipping

Honored Guest
Possibly an update for anyone who was promised a delivery date of February 2nd. I just received an email from Oculus stating that my order placed on 1/20 and charged to my credit card on 1/23/21 is now experiencing a shipping delay of 10 to 12 days.  I thought they don't charge your card until the device is actually in stock and ready to be shipped?!?....I just noticed Best Buy is supposed to have stock available on February 5th.  Do I cancel my order and take a chance with Best Buy, or wait it out?  I know Best Buy employees have a history of opening packages and using stock for fun and then repackage.  So really don't want a used device but also heard that Oculus ships refurbished as new.  Any thoughts or insight that will squash either rumor?

Rising Star
I’m HIGHLY skeptical that that behavior is a reoccurring theme at Best Buy’s and not an isolated incident. Far too many people would have to be “in” on it (which is why most conspiracies are dumb), and with cameras it would be so insanely easy for managers to catch people. 

Also, as somebody who’s both worked retail, bought and sold insane amounts of tech gear, and is a tech junkie, I would definitely be able to tell if some random guy put the plastic seal all around the quest box.

I say-everybody is having a lot of trouble getting the quest right now and the world is constantly shutting down and opening up again at the drop of a dime (at least, in America). If you can have one in 10-12 days, I’d wait it out and not risk it. But, you may also be able to try Best Buy, then cancel your order if you succeed. 

Rising Star
Oculus does not ship refurbs as new. They ship refurbs as replacements if you send yours back in. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet (including everything I’m saying) unless you can verify it from many sources. 

(Sorry, the vulgarities were a random word being autocorrected)

Honored Guest
I ordered some accessories for my Quest 2 and they were supposed to ship right away. Then I got the same email on Feb 02 saying my delivery was delayed 10-12 days. They said I could wait and do nothing and my order would ship eventually, or I could contact support and cancel my order. Contacting support is next to impossible, but I tried and sent them the request to cancel the order via email. Two days later the order shipped. Meanwhile I had already bought what I needed at Best Buy. Support from Oculus is the weakest link in their whole eco system. Unnecessarily frustrating. Now I have to wait for hte order to arrive, then request a refund and prepaid postage etc. arghhhh

Honored Guest
I also was anxiously awaiting Feb 2nd. I got the same email (delayed shipping) a few minutes ago. I considered canceling the order and purchasing from Best Buy, but ultimately decided to wait after browsing the forums here. 
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