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Deleted old facebook account and can't connect new one

Level 2

I deleted my old facebook account due to it having my dead name on it and I couldn't change it, but that was also the account I had on my occulus the entire time I've had it until I deleted the account. I have tried dozens and dozens of times to connect my new account but it won't let me. I have tried everything I can think of, even making a new facebook account with the same email, name, and everything like that, but nothing is working. I have also spent a lot of money on games, add on packs, etc, and I really don't want to loose all of those since I probably won't be able to get them back for a long time.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Heya GalaxySaturn! We are aware that everyone aspires to have all of their accounts connected and functioning smoothly. We promise to make every effort to assist you with this. We'll need to move this into a PM since we need to ask you for some personal information.

To access our profile page, please click here or select our name from the list. Then, to contact us personally, click "Send a Message"! Please keep in mind that in order to send us a private message, you must first be signed into the community.