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Developer mode just doesnt want to turn on

Level 2

When i tried to sideload a game called breachers, side quest was saying I don't have developer mode enabled. At first i thought "That's weird, I've had dev mode since I got my quest and now it stops working?" after that i went into the app, tried to turn it on and sha boom the app gives me a red bar at the bottom saying "We're having problems loading this. Please try again" w h a t?? ok, ill try again, nothing, ok.. AGAIN still nothing. couldn't find anything or anybody having this same issue, is it just me and can i fix it?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @kermit-man! You're not alone, we've gotten reports from other users that their developer mode has stopped working. We're actively investigating this issue, please keep an eye out on the Developer Status website as all further updates regarding this issue will be announced via this site!

thank you, ill be sure to keep and eye out, and please for not only me a player but for the actual developers that make games for the platform don't take too long.

Level 2

I also have this issue and it is very frusterating.

It appears to be an issue with the Meta quest device itself. The oculus app, and meta quest developer tool for PC both cannot turn of dev mode for the oculus.

Tried everything possible, only solution is to create a new meta account 🤯 Please fix this soon !

Level 2

does it work now cuz i am having the same promblem and if so how did you fix it

It was ok with another new account after having factory reset the headset and associated it with this new acccount. Have to switch between the two account. But for me, it’s not a solution. It can be ok temporarily….

I did the whole factory reset with a new account and still didn’t work, if anyone finds anything new or if it’s fixed plz update!

Level 5

Latest so far is:

  • Meta know the issue but aren't telling us why it's broken. Have known about it for weeks.
  • Credit card needed in order to setup Developer account.
  • Reddit / Forums / Oculus support page tickets created for weeks now. No response or update

Suggest you send an email to and informing this has been broken for weeks and looks to be disabled. Possible paywall incoming.

Retweet this to get there attention, and create a support ticket here