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Disable Head Cursor Dot/Circle (BUG)



I was wondering how to disable the head tracked dot(cursor) when I'm not using the Oculus controllers. I'm running an APK, and after a while of not using my controllers, they go away (sometimes in my face, but that's another issue), and it shows a white dot that can be used as a cursor (using volume buttons to click). 


However, when using an android app with a gamepad, the dot is incredibly annoying, and makes the experience unplayable. So how do we disable the dot?



I need to cancel the cursor too.

I can't play games when I use quest 3 as a big screen.

This is a reason me and my friends buy quest3.


I just do'nt understand why it's not fixed yet OMG

Honored Guest

This shouldn't be marked as solved!

I was wondering since I got my Quest 3 what that tracking white dot was which so far the only purpose it served is to be annoying. I couldn't even find instructions in the help section for what it does and how it can be used..

Please, give an option to disable it! 😭

We should create a new ticket/post and referring to this one. After years this is not fixed.

Thats it? A 1000$ piece of tech and you can't watch a movie without draining your controller's battery, or waving at the screen every 2 mins? I'd fire on the spot everyone who thought this was a good idea. No wonder vr is dead and can't get any traction, imagine if netflix had an unresolved bug where you had to press a button on your controller every two minutes to continue watching. It would litterally be a multi billion dollar mistake. But meta seems to think that this is totally normal so it must be.  



Referring to the previous post, I also knew that this bug(yes, i call this a bug) is reported years ago. With the better passthrough feature on Quest 3, more and more people use Quest device for as a remote desktop/screen. I assume Meta do not address this issue seriously. Read the latest comments in that post. I hope you did not read it cause it was marked "resolved"? Here is a post to draw your attention again.

I created another post, I assume they do not react to this one as it was marked resolved

I think it would be best if you add a function to turn it on and off by triple or 4 taps on the hesdphone arms similar to the pass through function would allow for great user interaction


If you're using a Gamepad here is the fix:
Settings -> Devices -> Gamepad -> Use the gaze cursor while gamepad is paired -> OFF

... however, this does not fix the problem if you're doing any other activity with the wands disabled.


It IS already off. This is not a solution. Tracking dot appears when all controllers are idle. That does not go away with the setting disabled.

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