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Disable Head Cursor Dot/Circle (BUG)

Level 3


I was wondering how to disable the head tracked dot(cursor) when I'm not using the Oculus controllers. I'm running an APK, and after a while of not using my controllers, they go away (sometimes in my face, but that's another issue), and it shows a white dot that can be used as a cursor (using volume buttons to click). 


However, when using an android app with a gamepad, the dot is incredibly annoying, and makes the experience unplayable. So how do we disable the dot?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Peter, we understand the headset cursor may be a little annoying; however, there is no way to disable it as it serves the same function as a mouse cursor on a PC when no controllers are detected. The headset would not be useable without it in that state, and the Oculus OS does not currently allow for this level of customization from customers. We hope this helps answer your questions. 👍

I think you are very misunderstood on this matter.

It's very very annoying for user using gamepad



Yeah, it's really annoying. I don't know why they would force this feature. "Here you can use an APK, but it's absolutely annoying."

Not excited for the metaverse.