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Disable oculus link

I use my quest mostly to develop with unity. 
Since a lot of things have to be tested on the headset itself i'm depended on a build that runs on the quest.
When Oculus link was only for USB3 everything works fine since I just had to use a USB2 port to build and run. 
But since the last update every time I put on the quest I get the Oculus link popup. Sometimes when I select not now the quest fezzes until it reboots automatically.
Is there any way to disable Oculus link completely?

Honored Guest
I was able to use Task manager to kill the Oculus Server runtime thing and that killed the popup when I plugged in. This allowed me to enable debugging without the link popup ruining it. Its a background task so just closing the app on the desktop isn't enough. Hope this helps

It seems the way to do this is to unplug the Quest from the PC (using the front plug is easier than finding that precious PC USB-C port each time), and then going to the Oculus App>Devices>Quest and Touch>Remove Devicesz5bhi6hu11x9.jpg

When I do this I plug in my headset again and oculus link turns back on do I have to delete the app?