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Disabled, can only watch up

Level 2

Hi there, i am disabled and lay in bed, can only watch up.

i can move my hands and arms but not my head, a friend helped me with this vr headset because iam very interested in this stuff. can somebody help me setting up apps to looking up as i do? thank you very much


Level 2

would like to look forward in vr even when iam laying in bed look straight up

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @wambo89.2023, this is a great question and after looking into it online, it seems like a lot of users would love to be able to use their headset while laying down. There is definitely a stationary mode on Quest headsets, but most of the games and apps are designed in a sitting or standing position. It doesn't appear there is a native way to use your headset while in a laying down position. 

It seems some users are able to use the app Big Screen while laying down so you can watch videos in VR if that interests you! Here's a Reddit post about it. 

Since there doesn't seem to be much traction on a native "laying down mode" for Quest, we recommend posting it over on our Ideas thread so hopefully we can see that feature added in the future! 

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