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Disabled my Facebook account

Level 3

Hi, Thanks for your response. My old id got disabled & i can't go through my disabled account. The reason was sharing pornography content mistakenly. So i am apologise for my recent activity on Facebook or Meta. In future i will be much careful Sharing any bad content & i will follow the Facebook community standards & rules. I hope by this email you will recover my old Facebook account. Again i am sorry for my recent activities in Facebook. N.B : My facebook account ********** Thanks & best wishes Wahid


Community Manager
Community Manager

Heya Wahid.111. We do understand the stress you must be under, due to losing your Facebook account. We want to try everything we can to get you back in the VR universe and get connected with your friends. Can you tell us if your Facebook account was linked to your Horizon Worlds account?

We are looking forward to your response and figuring this all out!

Hi sir,

Thanks for your response.My Facebook account was not any linked to Horizon Worlds account.



My Facebook username : Wahid Hasteche

My Facebook account : ********** or


Hey there, thanks for providing that information! We understand how important accessing a Facebook account can be, as can staying connected to family and friends. Our team does not have the tools necessary to assist in these types of situations. However, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction to get into contact with the Facebook help desk!

• The Facebook Help Center is a great place to find answers and resolutions to Facebook-specific issues.

• This article, "Hacked and Fake Accounts," will guide you on how to recover your hacked Facebook account.

We hope these links are of assistance to you! The information above would be the extent of the support we could offer to help get your account recovered. We would highly recommend you check the Facebook Help Center, as this is the best place where you can receive assistance with your Facebook account.