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Dispatch is unable to contact server for DLC

Level 7

Did reinstall and download "Dispatch" on the PC.

But when you starts it it says its trying to contact the server for DLC, and it won't start.

Apparently you are then not able to download your previously bought Episodes for this title!


Are you able to correct this so you can restore your additional purchases on teh Pc for your Rift / Rift S och Quest with the Link-Cable.


To reproduce the issue, remove/delete "Dispatch" on your PC, then download and try to start and download the episodes!


Level 3

just stumbled into this as well. 

Level 7

Did not find any solution for it!
And didn't get any feedback from Meta/Oculus.

Also has problems to download a lot of other RIFT / RIFT S titles, starts do download but stops after a while.
(Not All of them but some and it still fails...)
Did try all possible things, but no solution for it. "Reinstall / AV disabling / VPN workaround" didn't help.
So I did give up, and do not use PCVR with the Meta/Oculus store at all! 
Simply cause their store/downloads has been a long ongoing problem and lacks support from them.
(Guess they did dropp support for it at time of when the Quest was introduced.)

So I use the Steam store instead as downloads and reinstallation's always working from what you bought.
Do not trust the Meta/Oculus store any longer! With the exception of Quest/Quest 2 store that still works.


The Rift & Rift S are now collecting dust as well as the original Vive HMD, at least I'm able to use Steam/Valve games using the link cable with the Quest & Quest 2! Needs to consider what next HMD will be...


Anyway if you get/find a solution let me know.