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Display port randomly disconnecting

Level 2

Hey, so I did have this problem where the display port would disconnect itself at random times, I did fixed it once by fully pushing it into the headset port but now it is doing this thing where how some headphones won't work till you put it in a different position, well it does that a lot more even when the port is in fully, can anyone help me out of what is going on please?


note: I had cleaned out any dust, dirt or anything from the port and cable including rearranging both the usb 3.0 cable and display cable outlet for my pc which is a Predator Orion 3000 gaming pc.


Level 4

I have a few suggestions:
1. check if your Displayport cable isnt damaged.
2. check on the connection between the display input and your motherboard.
3. Look inside of the input to see if anything is broken inside DisplayPort.
4. Use the MiniDisplay-Adapter which comes with Rift S

So I have checked and it is the cable is damaged to the point that it can't hold power and connection till i had to force and wedge something onto the cable in order to gain a connection to the headset 

great, if you have a soldering set, you can pin point the location where the wires are damaged by moving it around to see when it connects and the use the soldering kit to solidify the connection OR you just buy a new cable on amazon, ebay, etc.

My device is under warranty so if I couldn't get my cable fixed, can I still be able to get a new one without costing me alot through the Oculus site?