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Dk2 not working anymore after oculus update

Level 2
Well here is the problem:

I was running a dk2 on a i7 laptop with a gtx970m which i know isn't the best setup. up untill a few weeks ago the oculus home environment worked(on the dk2 in vr) and oculus dreamdeck also did. however it didnt see the hdmi port when setting up the dk2.

Last week oculus updated and now I cant get it to work anymore. light stays orange and I cant start any apps from the oculus library anymore.

is there a way to install the previous version of the oculus software? I already tried new nvidea drivers as wel as much older drivers. also reinstalled the oculus software a couple of times.

Thanks in advance. 


Level 2
I'm experiencing an issue similar to this.  I get the blue light still, but the display only flashes for an instant before going black.