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Do Not Buy a Oculus - There is NO Customer Support

Level 2

Hi everyone,

Like thousands of other people I am very frustrated with Meta/Facebook. Just like their ads platform, there is ZERO customer service for their VR product.

The support team is based in Philippines and reciting scripts - taking no action or getting anything sorted. I am surprised Facebook doesn't just use a bot.

The product quality is poor and breaks very easily. So naturally, sent it in for a replacement. I don't think I am ever getting it back. Every response is 'be patient we are looking into it'. 

Now my main point, I understand Mark Zuckerberg has a vision for the metaverse. This is why Facebook was rebranded to Meta and a focus has been put into VR and oculus. However, I think until Meta can have REAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT like Apple, the metaverse will stay only a dream. 

My 2 cents

Disgruntled customer,


Level 4

Has anyone had a response yet from meta or watchdog or we have your back. I think we need to escalate this issue and make it more well known so other people don't have to suffer. Can u imagine spending 1200 on the pro or however much it costs and having to put up with this as well it's absolutely shameful. 

Level 4

No response as yet, but I only sent it yesterday afternoon and they get thousands of e-mails.  Maybe we should try twitter?


@MetaQuestSupport yet another day gone by and still no ETA or details of who we can escalate this to.  Terrible customer service.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all of the updates and feedback!


We understand the wait has been frustrating, and we can assure everyone our logistics folks are working hard on getting replacements out as soon as possible. Please feel free to reach out to either our Social Media team via the @MetaQuestSupport  account  or one of the mods with your direct ticket number so we can work with you all on an individual basis as each case can be unique. Thank you for all of your patience! 



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