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Does 4070 TI super work with oculus link? Or any 4000 series GPU?

Expert Protege

I built a brand new pc this week with a 4070 ti super, i7 14700k, msi z690 unify motherboard and 192gb of ddr5 memory.

The issue I have is when I connect to oculus link I get a usb kernel error and a cannot write video (access is denied) to a specific path which I can't remember off the top of my head.

Is it just because the GPU is new that it does not work or is there some other obvious error? I am using a fiber optic link cable so I doubt that is the issue. I tested several other cables but unfortunately I do not own another GPU I can test on.

GPU drivers are the latest (only) ones since GPU only came out 7 days ago. My bios is also brand new as I had to flash it to install the new CPU. Some suggested usb issues but it's not that as I have tested USB A and USB-C with no effect.

I do get audio if I launch games froom the pc side but I see the 3 dots and no video. And on the mirror screen on my desktop I see the game running and tracking the headset movements. This is clearly a video issue.


The 4070Ti Super doesnt work though. It says it doesnt meet the min spec requirements which is absolute rubbish because my old 2070 Super did, therefore link either cable or wireless doesnt work. Thankfully the VD developer is much much better than yourselves.


I am in exactly the same spot as TheRandyPanda.

Monday my system is i7-9700K, 32GB RAM, Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super 8GB VRAM, and the Oculus App and VR Meta Quest 2 works fine.

Tuesday, I remove the 2070 Super and upgrade to a Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Super and suddenly the Oculus app reports that my system does not meet minimum requirements. This new 4070 card is fully recognized by every other app that I have installed along with the corresponding leap in video performance. 

I have reported this bug and emailed for technical support, both of which have garnered no replies. 

Hello everyone! We see you have been caught in a sticky situation. We understand that this can disrupt an amazing VR experience, so we would love to help with this matter to the best of our abilities. That being said, can you provide us with the exact error message you are receiving so we can get a better understanding of this matter?

We can't wait to hear from both of you soon!

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I too recently purchased a 4070 ti super. Previously had a 2080, but am now receiving "Your computer doesn't meet the updated minimum specificiations, which can lead to poor experience in VR." banner at the top of my Oculus app on my PC. 

I am get shockingly poor resolutuion inside of PCVR games, despite altering the resolution inside of the oculus app. 


I’m on week two of back and forth with Meta tech support on the 4070 Ti Super compatibility issue. I’ve sent in logs, reinstalled and now they  just yesterday suggested I try restarting my computer 🤦🏻‍:male_sign:.


I literally can open my case and swap in the 2070 Super and be running. So very frustrating as using the VR headset was part of why I upgraded the video card. 

I will post if there is resolution, plans do same. 

Any solution to this yet?  This appears to be a wide-spread problem with the Geforce RTX 4070 ti Super cards released in January, 2024.  Using these cards with the Meta Quest 3 results in the system crashing when loading the games.  It appears the Oculus app does not recognize the video memory these cards have, and crashes due to insufficient memory ("Not enough video memory to create a texture"), even though the memory utilized when the crash happens is only a fraction of what the cards have.  
In my most recent case, I have a new 4070 ti Super OC with 16GB of VRAM.  Upon loading Asgards Wrath, an error crash occurs with a message stating there is not enough video memory for textures.  The video memory being used at the time of the crash was 6.5GB, far less than the card has, and changing the video settings to the lowest possible (72hz and lowest resolution) doesn't make a difference.   Swapping in my old GTX 1060 6GB works perfectly fine at the lowest settings, and it only has the 6GB of VRAM.

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Okay I fixed my issue , with this solution if you have a AMD CPU with a integrated graphics gpu meaning when you pull up task manager then go to performance tab and if you see to 2 gpu's you need to go to your windows search bar and type "device manager" then click it , look for "display adapters" and click the drop down and right click "AMD Radeon graphics" DISABLE IT then let it do its thing let it disable it takes some seconds and the important part is to restart your computer . Now try using link cable or air link (Make sure you have the link cable plugged into the back of the motherboard for the best performance) Okay now this problem occurs because oculus chooses the first gpu thats in loaded on windows order so it chooses amd integrated graphics over Nvidia when disabling it will only recognize Nvidia gpu. I hope this helps anyone

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support


Don't worry be happy.

After upgrading my graphic card from gtx 3070 ti to rtx 4070 ti super my pcvr won't work any more. I can't get a connection trough meta link cable,. Have uninstalled and installed meta link app but it won't find my quest3 or link cable at all. The app even says the computer don't meet the specs. Please see attached pictures.

PC specs.pngError message.png

can you explain in detail how that you did it? How did you solve it? how did you force oculus app to see your gpu???

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