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Does 4070 TI super work with oculus link? Or any 4000 series GPU?

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I built a brand new pc this week with a 4070 ti super, i7 14700k, msi z690 unify motherboard and 192gb of ddr5 memory.

The issue I have is when I connect to oculus link I get a usb kernel error and a cannot write video (access is denied) to a specific path which I can't remember off the top of my head.

Is it just because the GPU is new that it does not work or is there some other obvious error? I am using a fiber optic link cable so I doubt that is the issue. I tested several other cables but unfortunately I do not own another GPU I can test on.

GPU drivers are the latest (only) ones since GPU only came out 7 days ago. My bios is also brand new as I had to flash it to install the new CPU. Some suggested usb issues but it's not that as I have tested USB A and USB-C with no effect.

I do get audio if I launch games froom the pc side but I see the 3 dots and no video. And on the mirror screen on my desktop I see the game running and tracking the headset movements. This is clearly a video issue.


This issue is bigger than just a warning message and/or USB drivers..

Using the Oculus app HL Alyx gives an in-game warning message about low GPU RAM, this does not happen using Virtual Desktop (I also spent the $20 just to find out)

Assetto Corsa Competitzione runs noticeably better using Virtual Desktop

As for USB drivers, this is for wired connections right? Or are we saying to disable Air Link as Wi-Fi streaming is not supported?

I happen to have Cisco Wi-Fi at home and have zero issues maintaining high bit rates at 6GHz, don't see any reason to go back to wired.



I'm lost for words on this puzzle. I have tried everything in the book and more but still the quest 3 have very poor performance using the original link cable. When I think back I had a Rift S that I gave to my son since it quit working after my last gpu upgrade from gtx1070 to gtx3070ti. Is the Meta Quest linked up to certain hardware when first linked to a computer ? I tried a fabric reset and new install of the Oculus software yesterday but the performance issue and the "Not meet minimum requirment" message still going strong. At least it perform better with Virtual Desktop but my wife don't like the 32 feet long cable going trough the rooms very much. Have the devs tried to upgrade a computer with better gpu and tried the same headset that they used before to see if they get the same problem ? My rant for today !

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Same problem here ([Quest3][NVIDIA 40-Series][wired connect] Quest Li... - Meta Community Forums - 1181487 (

My GPU is RTX 4090D (Desktop GPU), I assume that the Oculus app checks the GPU is compatible by some kind of white list forced match (by name or device-id) so some of the 40-Series GPU coming later in last year (4090D and all the super series) are not included in the white list of Oculus.

So the Oculus link refused to get work😅

This is frustrating. Hopping meta could fix it quickly or just give us the option to ignore the white list.


A little update on the problem, I bought a third party link cabel with usb A 3.0 to usb c and went from 1,7 gbps to 2,3 gbps on the cabel test. Unfortunately it had no effect on the performance in any games, I mostly play simracing and the Virtual Desktop app is still the way to go. The silence from the devs indicates that they have left this thread after their last reply.

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App meta quest does not detect my video card and gives me the legend that it is not compatible, but I have an RTX 4070 super card, with updated drivers.

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Hi everybody

Using Galaxybook 4 Ultra with i9, 32gb ram and the dreaded 4070-- same problem as everyone else-- 

II too need to test games developed in Unreal

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ricbower_0-1715607881381.pngOculus App completely siezed using airlink


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it says my computer doesnt meet the minimum specs but i have a i7 14700f, rtx 4060, 32gb ram. It literally says on the requirements page that the 40 series is supported


Just one question, have someone tried to downgrade their gpu to the old one ? I'm not able to do it since I have sold my old one.

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So, I built a new pc and bought a meta quest 3 but i bought a 4060ti so now I can't use the VR with my steam

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