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Does anyone know of a Bible app compatible with Quest 2?

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Hi! I was hoping to find a Bible/meditation app for Quet 2. I just got it, so I'm not sure how to find one, if it exists. Thank you!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there Dionne, You can look in the store and search for a bible or  meditation apps we have plenty! This one is a great Bible app that you can check it out. 

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So Gear VR apps work on the Quest and Quest 2 ? 

I dont think so. Not good info really from Oculus.

Hi! Thank you for replying, this is actually what I saw that made me want to get an oculus. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with Quest 2… at least it doesn’t look like it is… I have tried searching for Bible and nothing actually related to the Bible comes up. I would appreciate it if anyone comes across anything biblical, since that is the big motivation for me buying it. Thanks again! 

Hey dionne.gorrod! Thank you, for the valuable feedback! We highly suggest you make you voice heard at Feel free to reach out to us with any other questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you in VR! 😎🎮

@dionne.gorrod  Just Google '  VR Church  ' and you'll see lots of different links to a number of places that include VR worship, mainly using the metaverse, and many of these also have apps.  Probably lots of smartphone apps as well.  Plus there are lots of related YouTube vids you can access.


Gaming is still the main reason to get into VR imho.  If you want to feel like a Christian in the Coliseum try Gorn, lol!  Just kidding mate!

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I know there are versions of the Bible on web sites. Just go to them in the browser. I don't think that a 3D book is really a thing. Books are basically 2D, even the Bible. I guess it could be like the book in Moss where you use your hands to turn the pages, but what matters in the Bible is the actual content anyway.

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Hi Dionne - We are currently developing Bible VR for the Quest 2. Our private alpha is submitted to App Labs, and we’re looking at public Beta by the end of the month. If you’re interested in being part of the testing team I’d be happy to discuss it with you! God Bless

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Plenty of apps on side quest for bible and religious studies.  Just need a free developer account and side load them.


This is true! Our Bible VR app is on Sidequest, but it's getting an upgrade on App Labs (and hopefully, one day, the main store!)