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Double billing and failed OTP

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On January 24th we attempted to pay for and download Vader Immortal Episode I. We attempted a total of six times. on each occasion no OTP was received for a while, probably about 5 minutes. Then suddenly 6 OTP texts were delivered at once! I picked up the last OTP and typed it into the required space on my phone and was promptly told that it had expired! OK I thought that’s it for the night, we'll try again another time. The five minutes down the line my phone beeped to tell me that my credit card had just paid for two transactions. Duly two receipts were received. Sure enough I had bought two copies of the game, without the use of an OTP. Looks like meta are able to spoof the OTP authentication system, very smart and quite nasty. I have removed my card from the oculus. Something similar happened back in December when the first version (Among Us) of the game refuses to download and so you try again only to discover you have been billed for the first version, and end up paying twice. This is beginning to feel like a scam.
Managed to get a refund in the case of the Vader Immortal for the second attempt but now, I have paid for one version, which cannot be refunded for some reason and cannot be downloaded! Anyone else been caught out with this trick?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, billm345! We don't like to see our users having this kind of issue with their accounts. We understand the urgency to get this issue sorted out and to be able to enjoy all that the VR world has to offer. Not to worry. We recommend connecting with our specialized team here. We'll be able to do a deep dive into this issue for you and get it taken care of. If you require assistance creating a ticket, please let us know. We'll be more than happy to help!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

Hi MetaQuestSupport,

I tried clicking on the  'here' link and was given a selection of items and menus which did not appear to be releveant to this security issue. I will need significant assistance in working through what appears to be a very arcane support system. To be clear I will need your assistance in creating a ticket, if that is the route to preventing unauthorised transactions.

Regards Bill

Hello MetaQuestSupport,

Just so that your aware, the return address on the e-mail you sent does not work. The message sent in reply to your email was notified as undeliverable.

Regards Bill

@billm345 Regarding the email received from the forum team; it's just an email letting you know they responded to your post.

However, as for creating a support ticket, I'd be glad to lead you through the options. 

The options I would select through after opening the help site are as follows:

  1. Orders and Payments
  2. Other product purchase issue
  3. Select one of the contact options and you can add some more information into the box for them to get a better insight for the issue at hand. 

I hope this helps! 

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

Many thanks for the guidance, I was able to raise a ticket, following the process you recommended. However the subsequent discussion did not resolve the issue of OTP's not being validated before the transaction completes.

The problem has now been discussed with my bank which has so far only managed to suggest it was some sort of glitch. Until this situation is remedied, I would strongly recommend Meta customers are very careful to avoid double ordering and do not rely on the OTP as a control on purchasing because it looks like the banks will accept some payments without OTP even though it has been requested. Double ordering seems to be associated with an extremely long delay associated with the first download of the newly requested app.

This does not represent a solution to the problem.

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