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Double billing issue

Level 2

I can't find anyone to email or talk to anywhere. The "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the support site doesn't even lead to a page with contact information, just the main support page. So i have to post this here...


I bought a Meta Pro two nights ago. I had trouble with Paypal where the transaction kept getting flagged as fraud. It happened twice. It put all items on hold and sent me an email with the title "[ACTION REQUESTED] There's an issue with your Meta Store order". It asked I go in and "correct" my payment information, which just entailed me first telling Paypal it wasn't fraud and then clicking the Paypal link on the Meta site to re-establish the Paypal connection. This changed everything from "On Hold" status to complete. 


Reminder: I got flagged as fraud TWICE for this transation...


Today I check my bank site and I have two pending transactions for $1727.77 ... this is a duplicate payment. I want to make sure you guys aren't double billing me, which it looks like you are as neither appear to be a hold (maybe they are???) .


I want to be assured that things are in order, but there's no way to contact billing!! 






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, we really appreciate you bringing this to our attention! Two charges for the Meta Quest Pro can definitely be alarming. We want to make sure you only get charged once!


Here on the forum we don't have the required tools needed to assist with hardware billing issues. You can use this link to contact our spcialists team. Make sure to click "product purchase issue" and then click "other product purchase issue".


It should direct you to four different ways to contact support. They will be happy to help get this issue fixed for you. Please let us know if that link works for you.